Thursday, February 25, 2010

Regain Control of your Inbox

A full inbox often means unopened messages, backlogged responses, and unnecessary stress. Here are three ways to clear your inbox and your mind:

Read email in batches. Don't scan your email for urgent messages and leave everything else for later; that's how you begin to get buried. Check your email at set times during the day and immediately file messages into one of three folders: follow-up, hold, or archive.
Use the "two-minute rule." If an email will take less than two minutes to respond to (and many should), respond right away and get rid of it. Letting those easy-to-respond-to messages pile up can wreak havoc on your inbox.
Unsubscribe. There's nothing worse than unread messages from mailing lists that clog your inbox. Think about which lists add value and unsubscribe from the re

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